Latvian Hydrogen Association has been founded in 2005 to promote implementation of hydrogen economy in Latvian economics, in case of using only local nature resources this will lead to independence from import in such sectors as energetic, transport and industry, at the same time stimulating society to use environmentally friendly technologies with fewer impact on nature as power sources.

Mission of Latvian Hydrogen Association is to unite scientists and businessmen working with technologies and materials for renewable resource branch to solve questions, that are important to whole society.

The main goals of Latvian Hydrogen Association are:

  • To speed up scientific and industrial progress in hydrogen technology in Latvian science and implementation in education and economics by the cooperation between institution in Latvia and Europe.
  • To promote hydrogen technology aiming to reduce impact on environment and to support environmental friendly power supply.
  • To link up institutions, establishment and manufacturers working with hydrogen technologies, to participate in international projects, to represent members in activities such as conferences, congresses and exhibitions, to educate and to encourage young specialists to turn their attention to hydrogen technologies and related topics.

Tasks of Latvian Hydrogen Association are:

  • To promote recognition of hydrogen technologies and members of Latvian Hydrogen Association in Latvia and Europe and to make connection between institutions working in this field all across the Europe.
  • To promote recognition of members of Latvian Hydrogen Association, it’s services and technologies introduction to Latvian and European markets and cooperation and new company establishing in the sector.
  • To support research of materials and technologies for renewable energy to provide alternative technologies for energetics by combining power sources provided by nature (biomass, biogas, hydrogen, wind, solar, water).
  • To sustain knowledge and practical experience from scientists into business, to strengthen technological capacity of companies, experience and knowledge of commercial need between scientific institutions.
  • To propagate opinion on actual questions about hydrogen technologies tendencies, to support media interest in development and demonstration of hydrogen technologies in Latvian national  economy.
  • To support new initiatives in local and European Union’s research projects and activities, that contribute to reaching the goals of Latvian Hydrogen Association.
  • To support education of society and interested institutions in tendencies in hydrogen technologies’ development, implementation, new technologies and research projects.
  • To promote carrier possibilities for specialist by improving communication between owner’s of technologies, manufacturers and educational institutions, to promote improvement in education for new specialists in areas related to hydrogen technologies and in training for quailed workers.
  • To stimulate interest in investments in hydrogen technologies.


National Research Program 2010-2013

Valsts Pētījumu Programma 2010-2013 "Inovatīvas enerģijas resursu ieguves un uzmantošanas tehnoloģijas un zema oglekļa emisiju nodrošināšana ar atjaunojamiem energoresursiem, atbalsta pasākumi vides un klimata degradācijas ...


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